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NEW! Giant Red Window LED Sign

*Model Giant Red LED Sign - Model GIANTLED-1062R - Excellent Visibility, Even in Daylight. Long Life and Maintenance Free, Top Grade Red LED's with 100,000 Hour LED's. Simple Installation. Bright Red Color Moving Sign. Extremely Low Power Consumption. 99 Moving Messages Can Be Stored. Scheduled and Displayed. Cyclic, Scroll, Explode, Pac man, Fall, Shoot, Flash, Random....... Up to 24 Modes. Built-in Clock Display: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, and Minutely. Power Consumption: 25W Input, Password Protection. Character Height: Either 2 lines of 4", or 1 line of 8" - Dimensions: Height 10" x Length 62"
*Model GIANTLED-1062R

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